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What is Anti-Money Laundering?

Money laundering is the process of legalization of illegally obtained money. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) measures are policies, laws, and regulations intended to prevent financial crimes. Companies carrying any financial activities must all comply with AML regulations, covering embargoed countries lists.

Why screen for PEPs and Sanctions?

Sanctions searches and PEP screenings should be an essential part of your AML checks, as they confirm that your client doesn’t present a money laundering risk. Failure to comply with Sanctions and PEP restrictions can result in millions of dollars in fines or — in some rare cases — even imprisonment. We also provide OFAC's SDN List.

DataSpike protects your business

It’s a simplistic yet powerful AML compliance software that provides AI-powered Sanction & PEP Screening, including international UN, EU & governmental US, Canada, UK lists and other.

Who can benefit from DataSpike

Payment processors
Online brokers
Government entities
Crypto projects

Why choose us


Rich database

Dataspike Rich database
Our database contains 0.5 million unique entries for both companies and people. We’ve removed duplicates so that our clients don’t have to do this on their own. New entries are being added daily as our AI engine learns from the searches themselves.


Dataspike Cost-effectiveness
With an average cost of 10 cents per request, pay as you go screening can add up quickly. DataSpike operates differently. We offer our clients a range of price plans, specifically developed with businesses of all sizes and needs in mind.

Ease of use

Dataspike Ease of use
We recognize that PEP & Sanction screening can be useful to a range of businesses, big and small. That’s why DataSpike service is so flexible. Our Web interface makes it easy to run one-off searches whenever you need it. Meanwhile, the API can be easily integrated into an existing software infrastructure. Both interfaces offer flawless PDF export for legal and audit purposes.

Fuzzy Search

Dataspike Fuzzy Search
Most other providers don’t support fuzzy search. That means, you’re forced to spend extra on every spelling variant and alias and you could still miss relevant results. DataSpike’s state of the art matching technology eliminates that risk and saves you time and money.

Adverse Media Screening

Dataspike Adverse Media Screening
Our AI technology flags down any and all unfavorable information on the investigated person or entity that exists on the Web. This gives you a deeper insight into their background and alerts you to possible concerns even in the absence of conclusive results.

What is inside


We list all versions of spelling in various languages to save you the extra searches.

Boris Johnson
  • Boris Johnson
  • ബോറിസ് ജോൺസൺ
  • Борис Жонсон
  • 鮑里斯·約翰遜
  • போரிஸ் ஜான்சன்
  • 보리스 존슨
  • Boris Conson
  • Борис Джонсон
  • Μπόρις Τζόνσον
  • 鮑里斯·詹森/li>
  • 里斯·约翰逊
  • بورس جانسنנ
  • بوریس جانسونאן
  • 約翰遜
  • Boris Džonson
  • Boriss Džonsons

Key background information on the investigated person and entity.

  • Citizenship: United Kingdom
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 19 Jun 1964
  • Location of birth: New York City,United States...
Sanctions & PEP

Only the current and relevant PEP and Sanctions data from our ever-expanding database.

PEP Data
  • Member of the privy council of the UK
  • Prime minister of the UK
  • Leader of the conservative party
  • Conservative party
Summary, Links & News

The adverse media on the screening subject to help you form a deeper understanding of their background.

  • Prime Minister of the UK
  • Prime Minister of the UK (born 1964)
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  • Ongoing checks
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  • Technology transfer, white labeling
  • Adhere to specific regulations
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