We provide fast and reliable REST API for screening. You can search for persons, organizations, countries under sanctions, and PEPs (politically exposed persons).


You only need to get an authentication token to start. Just write email on [email protected] or use our contact form /contacts. Feel free to inform us about any additional requirements for your business purposes. We will definitely find the best solution for you.

DataSpike API documentation is also available in swagger format. To explore it click here.

Getting Started

You can leverage our REST API for your compliance and screening needs. It will let you search through personas, organizations, countries under sanctions, and PEPs. To get started you will need an authentication token which you can request via our Contact Form, or just send us an email on [email protected]. Feel free to let us know if there is anything missing from the documentation or if you have any additional questions or requirements you will need to fulfill.


Every request must contains authentication token in header ds-api-token. Curl example below. Please replace ‹your token› .

API Endpoints

Base API URL https://api.dataspike.io/ only https is used. Request and response consists from some JSON object, see description for corresponding endpoint.

Person search

GET /api/v2/sealed/universal/search

Performs search person in sanctions and PEPs lists.


Request json fields:

Field Type Required Description
name string Part or full name of entity
category string person or country or organization or universal(default)
country string country name filter or country two-letter code(ISO 3166)
page int Page number of response list. Default 0.
limit int Size of page. Default 20.

Request Example:


Field Type Required Description
data array[object] List of founded items
data.uuid string Unique item identifier
data.category string Item category
data.main_name string Main name for specific person. English transcription preferred.
data.fields array[object] List of known facts about specific person. See list of facts.
data.fields.title string Title of known fact. See list of facts.
data.fields.values array[object] List of values associated with that fact.
has_next boolean Equals true if you can get next page of founded items list.
is_demo boolean Equals true if you accessing without token

Request Example:

Fact list

Every founded item contains some list of associated facts.

Title Description Person Organization Country
Sanction lists Shows which sanction lists this item is on.
Summary Short description of item.
Alias The list of names under which the subject is also known.
Gender Person's gender.
Primary date of birth Person's primary date of birth.
Primary birth location Person's primary birth location.
Possible dates of birth Person's possible dates of birth.
Possible location of birth Person's possible location of birth.
Citizenship Person's citizenship.
Position Person's position.
Politician role Person's Politician role.
Represented in countries List of countries where organization is represented.
Locations List of known locations associated with a specific organization.
Urls List of known urls associated with a specific organization.
Emails List of known emails associated with a specific organization.
Phones List of known phones associated with a specific organization.

Error codes

We use standard HTTP codes

Status Description
200 - OK Successful requests.
400 - Bad Request Wrong request body.
402 - Payment Required Not enough money on billing account.
403 - Forbidden Authentication or additional permissions requires for this request.
500 - Internal Server Error Some error happened on server side.