Sanctions and watch lists:

Bureau of Industry and Security.

Inter-American Development Bank.

The World Bank.

European Bank for R&D.

Asian Development Bank.

Africa Bank group Sanctions Procedures.

Consolidated US Screening Lists.

Interpol Watch Lists.

New Zeland Police Watch Lists.

OSFI Canada Associated with Terrorism Lists.

Consolidated Canada Watch List.

US Trade CSL

Ukraine NABC

Ukraine NSDC

Swiss SECO

Belgian Financial Sanctions

French Freezing of Assets

Australian CSL

Japan Economic CSL

Kazakh Terror Financing List

Kyrgyz National List

Registro Público de Entidades vinculadas a actos de Terrorismo y su Financiamiento.

Overall list of sanctioned individuals, entities and organizations.

Financial sanctions targets UK.

United Nations Consolidated Lists.

OFAC Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Australia consolidated list.

EU Consolidated list.

Estonian company.

Current trade and enterprise bans of Estonian.

Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium: TRAC.

Ukraine SFMS

Israel Terrorists List

US BIS Denied Persons

South African CSL


Canadian Terrorist Entities

Polish CSL

Singapore CSL

Canadian Economic Sanctions

Azerbaijan Domestic List

Bulgarian Persons of Interest

Dutch National Sanctionlist Terrorism


Social profiles.

Offshore leaks.

US court database (federal cases).

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Country sanctions.